Building the future of financial services

Octans is a financial data platform for banks, insurers and businesses.
It all starts with one simple thing: the transaction.

The transactions are a true picture of our daily lives

For Banks & Insurers

Engage with your customers and identify business opportunities.

For Business

Target customers based on buying behaviour.

For People

Give your customers an app to save money easily.

We live in a personalized world

Octans is an open banking platform that allows banks, insurers and businesses to better know their customers based on their actual behaviours and identify business opportunities to work.

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Octans Audience Network (OAN)

We connect multiple data points from banks, insurers, brands and consumers to improve their digital experiences.

Unlock the power of enriched financial data to drive growth and create new revenue streams with us.

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Predictive analytics

"Human beings have habits"

We use many techniques from data mining to machine learning algorithms to analyze current financial data, identify customer profiles and make predictions about their future.

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How will Octans help you?

If you’re a large bank looking for a custom-built solution, a growing fintech looking for a technology partner or a small business looking for the tools to realize your ideas – we’ve got you.

Our platform is built to enable ideas of all shapes and sizes.

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