Data-driven decisions

Developing AI-based apps to help banks and insurers turn data into actionable insights to grow business, improve efficiency and mitigate risk.

We transform complex data into relevant customer insights and ready to use applications

Our white-label solutions integrates seamlessly into your applications, creating customer journeys in your look and feel.
Easy to integrate and configure using a vast array of components. Run Octans Platform in days, not months.
Security first
End-to-end encryption to ensure your user's data will always be safe and never compromised. Operate in a single-tenant, cloud-agnostic infrastructure.
"Octans helped improve our revenue with 15% growth over the last 8 months. Couldn't be more satisfied!"
Santiago De Larrea, Innovation Director

Customer Oriented Data Platform

Integrate easily our white-label solutions into your applications to have a general overview of your customers, analyse behaviours and discover opportunities to grow business. Our Financial OS needs multiple data sources like:

Transactional data help us predict significant events in customers’ lives.
Understand user behaviour on your websites and apps thanks to our SDKs.
Unstructured data
Process data from email messages, paper documents, messaging channels and call centre transcripts.
Allow merchants and business partners understand which products perform better given an audience.

Grow business, improve efficiency and mitigate risk

Audience Builder

Discover new patterns and high-potential customer segments.

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Risk Tracking

Detect risks related to customers transactional data.

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Business Opportunities

Analyse customer behaviours, discover business opportunities and probabilities of success.

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Insights & Analytics

See shopping trends, market share and competitors pricing.

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Product Launcher

Create product or service landing pages to acquire customers.

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Built for the ones who do things differently



We provide you white-label solutions and tools based on data to improve customer experience and customer acquisition.

  •  Create hyper-segmented audiences
  •  Get new products to market faster
  •  Discover consumer trends
  •  Overview of competitors market share
  •  Know best-performing customer profiles
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We help you increase revenue from your existing customers.

  •  Increase business volume knowing sales opportunities and probabilities of success
  •  Access enriched data to understand a specific customer
  •  Know how to approach a customer based on behaviour
  •  Pricing strategy for each customer
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With us, you can deliver innovative products and new approaches to engage customers.

  •  Use Open Banking to perform better risk analysis based on transactions
  •  Increase volume knowing business opportunities and probabilities of success
  •  Know how to approach a customer based on behaviour
  •  Get new insurance products to market faster
  •  Attract customers from competitors
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Predictive analytics

"Through machine learning algorithms we perform unsupervised clustering analyses to identify money fluxes for each account to subsequently categorize them through data labelling techniques in order to profile the users, project their future position and anticipate to upcoming opportunities. ,,

André Caçador, Founder

Increase business volume knowing sales opportunities and probabilities of success

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