Customer Oriented
Data Platform

We transform complex data into relevant customer insights and ready to use applications


Integrate easily our white-label solutions

Especially in the enterprise, no application exists in a vacuum. Octans lets you integrate with everything from modern APIs to legacy systems, and everything in between.
Centralize how APIs are accessed across your organization and easily configure within your application using plug-in components.
Legacy systems? No problem. Hook into any legacy file format and extract data, and build transformations in an intuitive visual interface.


Security and scale built from the ground up, not an afterthought

Octans was built from the ground up to meet even the most stringent security requirements. Encrypt data to and from the platform, operation with best-practice security controls. Maintain a comprehensive audit trail and create immutable versions of your data. Promote operational efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance with role-based capabilities. Operate with confidence in a single-tenant, cloud-agnostic enterprise infrastructure.


Unsupervised learning

Through machine learning algorithms we perform unsupervised clustering analyses to identify money fluxes for each account to subsequently categorize them through data labelling techniques in order to profile the users, project their future position and anticipate to upcoming opportunities.

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